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May 30

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

Take me out to the ball game – take me out to the crowd! Did we get a song stuck in your head?  Good, because it’s been stuck in our head for months now, too.  It’s the golden time of year for sports in our area, and we couldn’t be having more fun.  It seems like every time you drive [read more…]

Jan 11

Make Award Season Personal With Appleton Trophy

Award season is here! Companies, sports teams, and schools are celebrating achievements of all kinds. Let’s just say, awards are prevalent this time of the year. Have you considered checking out the award selection at Appleton Trophy? We have a vast collection of high-quality awards and trophies that are affordable and personal. Customize each of our selections with on-site engraving! [read more…]

Aug 02

Appleton Trophy’s Gift Guide for the Sports Enthusiasts

  Sports have been a novelty around the world since we can remember. Today there are over 8,000 different sports being played around the world. Along with sports, comes celebration of teamwork, camaraderie and sportsmanship. Appleton Trophy wants to be a part of your team! We provide team or individual plaques, awards, trophies and medals that can be engraved and [read more…]

Aug 12

Fun Awards: Get Fired Up for Fantasy Football

Ladies and gentleman, it … is … HERE! Football is back and we could not be more excited to see the NFL back in full swing, ready to take over our Sundays! But, there is more at stake than just hoping your favorite team makes it to the big game and takes home the Lombardi Trophy. Oh no. You’ve got [read more…]

Aug 04

Unique Awards: Picking Up on the Pokemon Frenzy

How bad do you want to be the very best? ….like no one ever was? We are sure by now that you have noticed an increase in the number of people out and about and buried in their cell phones. This recent outburst of people walking around your neighborhood or mob-like scenes in your local park is due in large [read more…]

Apr 12

Awards Season is Here!

It’s that time of year again, the time of end of the school year awards, sports tournaments and company awards. With that comes a need for awards and trophies, and we have a lot to choose from! Regardless of what style of award or trophy you are looking for, chances are Appleton Trophy has them, and we can do all [read more…]

Feb 26