May 30

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

Take me out to the ball game – take me out to the crowd!

Did we get a song stuck in your head?  Good, because it’s been stuck in our head for months now, too.  It’s the golden time of year for sports in our area, and we couldn’t be having more fun.  It seems like every time you drive past a neighborhood park or school ground there are folks of all ages playing all kinds of sports.  There are school sports coming to a close for the season, there are city-wide soccer clubs getting in games and gearing up for Soccer Saturday, there are softball leagues throwing slow-pitch balls at almost every diamond in the area, and the volleyball leagues have finally come out from The Bar to enjoy the hot sun and fresh sand.

We know that sports are a huge part of many of our lives. That’s why we offer dozens of items that help you cherish your memories on and off the field.  Have you ever won a game with a miracle catch and wanted to save that ball forever?  Our sports ball holders can do just that by either encasing the ball in a rectangular display or mounting it in a spherical enclosure.  Do you have a teammate who can’t kick a ball to save their live, but boy oh boy do they make amazing tacos for the team potluck?  Celebrate their unorthodox contributions with a made-in-house custom taco trophy.  Want to give something to the hundreds of devoted parents who are always coming to every game and chauffeuring kids and equipment all over the state?  Give them the recognition they deserve with their very own stock award ribbons!

Appleton Trophy & Engraving has been serving the Fox Valley for over 50 years and remains dedicated to bringing you the best quality and professionalism that you deserve.   We’re committed to finding unique gifts and sports awards to always fit your needs.  Give us a call and let us know what we can start working on for YOU today!

Still looking for more ideas?  Read on to see what we had to say about sports last fall!

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