Dec 19

Unique Gifts: Tis’ the Season

We are now in the home stretch of 2016. It seems only yesterday that we were talking about gifts for dad, the Pokemon Go craze and preparing you for tailgating season. It has been a wonderful year here at Appleton Trophy … but we aren’t done yet.

The air has been ringing with festive music, endless jingle bells and the consistent questioning of whether or not ‘you want your receipt with that’.

The holidays are such a joyous time of year and we don’t want your holiday shopping to go without the inclusion of specialty gifts that are sure to light up the person receiving the gift as much as the tree you spent all that time decorating. This year, we have a few gift options that you may want to consider if you’re having trouble thinking of that perfect gift.

Coloring Mug
A gift that is appropriate for anyone that enjoys a DIY project using their own creative juices, our Coloring Mugs have been a hot ticket item since it’s recent release. These mugs come with a flip-top, plastic lid, handle and the perfect amount of insulation to keep your beverage at the temperature you want it at. These custom coloring mugs will not only hold your drink, but its decorative capabilities allow you to color the mug multiple times. The possibilities are endless!

Wooden Cutting Board
Another popular Appleton Trophy item, the wooden cutting board is a perfect gift for anyone that holds cooking near and dear to their heart. With our custom capabilities, we can engrave a recipe, personal message or any other writing you can think of to incorporate into the gift. Whether you anticipate the board being used to make a holiday casserole or strictly for decorative purposes, ur custom cutting boards are a can’t-miss gift!

Yeti Mug
Want a mug that passes the ice, durability and custom test? Look no further than our Yeti Mug. This item is a double vacuum insulation mug that won’t disappointment when it comes to keeping your beverage hot or cold; whichever you prefer. On top of being a top-notch mug, we are able to engrave or print pictures, messages and labels alike! The weather is cold but that doesn’t mean to have to let your coffee go the same.

Full-Color Ornaments
What kind of custom engraving business would be if we didn’t offer custom ornaments during one of the most festive times of the year? Don’t worry, we have what you need. Our full-color ornaments can include custom engravings to commemorate newborns, first family holidays, pets or anything else you deem fit to hang as a decoration. These ornaments are also great for printing photos of loved ones on them so even when they can’t be around when you want them to be, they are never too far away.

Appleton Trophy is always open to trying new things so if none of the items on this list intrigue you, feel free to reach out and contact us with your idea. In the meantime, we hope this list puts some spark into your gift giving schedule and we see you soon. From us to you, happy holidays and enjoy ushering in the new year!

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