Nov 18

Unique Gifts: Hello Hunting Season

Hunters, it’s time.

Bust out that camo and orange, sight in your gun and tell your boss you’re heading out for the wall mount you’ve always dreamed of. Hunting season is upon us.

When you’re preparing for your trip to the great northern woods, let Appleton Trophy help make your trip that much more memorable! We can keep your morning coffee hot, tools sleek and sharp and adult beverages cold. Deer camp is a special time of year and we wouldn’t want you making the trip ill-prepared. Here are a few things Appleton Trophy can do for you this hunting season.hunting-at

Gun Engravings
Whether it’s a brand new gun or one that’s been passed down from generation to generation, your gun means something to you. With our 100-watt, in-house laser, we can put a personal touch on your firearm that lets you be even more proud when you take down that buck of a lifetime. We are open to any custom idea you can think of and are capable of placing your idea on numerous areas of your gun.

Furnished Bow
Hunting is an activity that tends to be a family affair. Parents and their children, best friends with one another, hunting is a cherished activity that is often used to bond with one another. Regardless of your tool of choice, having it personalized makes hunting more sentimental and meaningful. We do custom bow furnishings that would be an excellent touch to your hunting expedition. Appleton Trophy can engrave names, dates, memoriams or any custom idea you may have for us!

Yeti Mug
It’s hard getting up before the sun to trudge out into the woods, climb into your stand and wait for hours (unless you’re one lucky hunter). Our custom engraved Yeti Mugs can keep your 4:00 a.m. coffee hot and your 8:00 p.m. adult beverage cold. Like most of our custom engravings, if you have an idea, we can do our best to bring it to life.

Knife engravings
A hunting trip essential, your knife is the tool that you don’t want to forget and surely never lose. Although don’t put trackers or flashing lights on your knife, we can do custom engravings to give it a personal touch while also letting others know that this knife is your own. We are capable of engraving the blade, wooden inlay or wooden and steel handles. Anything from your name or dates to clip art and logos, we can prime your knife for the hunting season ahead!

Appleton Trophy prides itself on never turning down a challenge so if you can dream it, we can do it. If you want to be ready for hunting season, let us help you prepare. Visit our contact page to get ahold of us with your ideas. And to all our hunters, stay warm and be safe!

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