Oct 13

Unique Gifts: Tasteful Tailgating

With football in full swing and the Fall season upon us, there is one thing Wisconsinites excel at that Appleton Trophy can enhance for you.

That’s tailgating….and everything that goes with it.

Appleton Trophy has an abundance of options that can make tailgating that…much…BETTER! From customizable plates for your bags boards to engraving your grilling tools, check out our list tailgating related materials that are sure to crown you tailgating royalty.

1. Barbeque Kit
A pillar of tailgating is busting out that old reliable grill, firing it up and providing sustenance for the crew that is along for the ride. If you’re leading the charge on the grill, a cook must have a reliable toolset that fits the profile. Appleton Trophy has the capability to engrave any tool in your cooking arsenal; spatula, cutting board, grill brush, tongs or anything similar. Make sure that when the grill smoke settles, people know who stood tall on gameday!

2. Mugs & Flasks
Keeping your adult beverage of choice in dependable containers is key when tailgating. At Appleton Trophy, we have several different colors, styles and engraving options for your container of choice. Leather encased flasks are a great addition to the outdoor fall party as well as our ever-popular customizable steel mugs! With endless possibilities, Appleton Trophy prepared to keep you well-hydrated in style!

3. Customizable Plates/Engravings for Games
Taking part in games is an important and enjoyable part of tailgating. It lets us bring out our competitive nature within the competitive atmosphere and acquire bragging rights amongst friends. Some popular games you have probably heard of are ladder toss, cornhole or bags, beer pong, washer toss, flip cup and a list too long to get through. Because we specialize in custom engravings, our team is prepared to add a little extra something to any game set you may have. Adding a nameplate or list of past champions in a long-standing tradition is a fun inclusion to your game set. It’s also a great way to personalize your set in order to show team spirit for your favorite squad! But while we are on the topic of games…

4. Cribbage Boards
Cribbage is another game that we are seeing become popular in tailgating circles. A little less active than your standard bag or toss games, cribbage is still a great game to sit down and enjoy when you’ve been on your feet all day. Our custom-made cribbage boards are the perfect inclusion for day tailgating and are easy to pack! Competition is everywhere on game day and our custom cribbage boards are an excellent field of choice.

5. Can Cooler
Our custom can coolers will keep your cold one just that…cold! Keep your beverage, or beverages, cool with a personalized can koozie! A perfect gift for a dear sports enthusiast you know or something you’d like to keep for yourself, our steel can coolers are durable and have custom engraving options. Letting your beverage get warm is the cardinal sin of tailgating. Don’t be that person, let that beverage get cozy in a koozie.

Like our gridiron warriors to the north in Green Bay, Appleton Trophy never backs down from a challenge. If you are looking for a custom trophy or engraving job, we will do everything in our power to accommodate your wishes. In the meantime, check out some of our custom projects we have worked on in the past!

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