Sep 08

Unique Gifts: Krazy Kitchenware

It’s fun to pretend that we can be the next Bobby Souffle or Rachel Ray in the kitchen. We slice, dice, add sugar and spice all in hopes that we are creating an overall wonderful dinner environment for the evening. Now the ingredients and prep are obviously essential in the process, but what about the tools you’re using? It only seems fitting that the kitchenware being utilized have its own personal flare. Check out our list of tools and accessories that shows who is boss of the kitchen!

Custom Engraved Cutting Board2016-09-08-5
First up is our wooden cutting board. Our cutting boards can be custom engraved with actual handwriting adding to the sentimental value. This cutting board is great for decorative purposes as well as chopping up all your ingredients for dinner night in!

2016-09-08-4Hand-crafted Blue Plate
Toss out the standard, boring white dinner plates and add some personality to dinner! Our hand-crafted blue glass dinner plates are durable as well as made eco-friendly. Whether you want to keep them out as decoration or serve a meal on them, these blue glass plates are sure to impress.

Engraved Rolling Pin
2016-09-08-3As one of more popular kitchenware products, we always smile when we see an order come in for our engraved rolling pins. Not only does this wooden rolling pin do the job when you’re flattening out the dough for your next baking session, it also seconds as a wonderful housewarming or wedding gift. With the ability to engrave our rolling pins, the possibilities are endless!

2016-09-08-2Sailing Wine Glasses
Did you think all the attention would go to the food portion of dinner? What did you think you would be drinking from? With our sailing wine glasses, you can enjoy a breathtaking glass of wine while dreaming of being out on the open water. These custom glasses are sure to catch an eye or two when company is over for the evening!

Wooden Engraved Spoon2016-09-08-1
This wooden cooking utensil also comes with an engraving option to add a personal message for gift purposes! Your custom cooking spoon is perfect for stews, soups and spreads or can be a striking piece of your kitchen decor. Either way, if your neighbor is in need of some kitchen supplies to borrow, you know you’ll be getting it back!

Along with this array of kitchenware, we offer a number of different customizable options. Here at Appleton Trophy, we never back down from a challenge! Check out some of our other custom creations to see if we can be your custom engraving provider.


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