Aug 04

Unique Awards: Picking Up on the Pokemon Frenzy

How bad do you want to be the very best?

….like no one ever was?

We are sure by now that you have noticed an increase in the number of people out and about and buried in their cell phones. This recent outburst of people walking around your neighborhood or mob-like scenes in your local park is due in large part to the recent launch of the app, PokemonGo.

These people you see are walking tirelessly to try and catch them all while fulfilling their lifelong dream of becoming a Pokemon master. As trainers begin to grow in the masses, we see Pokemon tournaments and gatherings popping up all over the place. Here at Appleton Trophy, we welcome new opportunities to create fun, exciting products and the recent rise in Pokemon Trainers had us thinking we can do just that!

Recently, we have created a line of awards that are tailored for PokemonGo. Here are some of the options we are able to provide you:

Tournament/Event awards
With organized PokemonGO events becoming increasingly popular, we are offering custom awards for any specific title you can come up with. Anything from “Most Steps Taken” to “Rarest Pokemon Captured”, we can customize the title of the award. These awards are perfect for bringing in a larger crowd for your event or tournament. If trainers are trying to become the best there ever was, why not give them the hardware to prove?

Gym BadgesUntitled-11
Battling gyms and taking them over is a prominent aspect of the popular game. People take on gyms in teams or by themselves and battle for supremacy. With Gym Leader turnover happening more often than in the original game, badges are not given when you conquer a gym…until now. Appleton Trophy is also offering stylized badges for trainers! This cool award can be personalized to your requirements and is fun to show your friends and teammates that you are well on your way to becoming an accomplished trainer.

Team Medallions
As you get into the game, there will come a time when you must choose a team to become affiliated with. Your options are Team Valor, Team Mystic, and Team Instinct. With all the hype for the game, has come a friendly rivalry between teams. With our customized team medallions, you can rep your team with pride while you’re out making a name for your respective team!

This innovative game has taken the world by storm over the last few weeks, making living out a dream of becoming a Pokemon Master not so much a “Farfetch’d” idea anymore. So don’t be “Slowbro” and pick up some of our Poke-friendly products that will enhance your Pokemon experience!


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