Aug 12

Fun Awards: Get Fired Up for Fantasy Football

Ladies and gentleman, it … is … HERE!

Football is back and we could not be more excited to see the NFL back in full swing, ready to take over our Sundays! But, there is more at stake than just hoping your favorite team makes it to the big game and takes home the Lombardi Trophy. Oh no. You’ve got your own squad to worry about.

Your fantasy squad.

Maybe last year you suffered a painful defeat in the playoffs or you’re coming off the greatest fantasy draft that lived up to the hype and sent you home with bragging rights. But, are bragging rights enough?

Here at Appleton Trophy, we can help your league raise the bar this year by providing you with a number of awards perfect for you and your “competition.”

Marble and wood based trophies
This type of award is multi-faceted. Not only is great as a championship trophy that can be passed along from winner to winner each season or bought fresh for each season’s champion, they are also great for individual awards. Sending a trophy to your comrades with the title “Worst Drafter” or “Waiver Wire Genius” can be fun and a great way to keep everyone involved and entertained!

Perpetual football plaque2016-08-11 (2)This plaque is a great way to go about honoring past and present if your league. If you and your pals are planning on keeping tradition, why not invest in the plaque that can be brought in each year and engraved with the recent season champion’s name. They can then hang it on the wall and admire it in all its glory … until next year that is.

Legacy series trophies
If you and your league is ready to get serious – here is the hardware for you. Our legacy series is the real deal. Although you may be paying a little more upfront for this award, the shock factor that comes with it will have you scanning the waiver wire and picking up every draft expert magazine in preparation for what is sure to be an intense season. If the legacy series is a little out of your price range, we also have our silver series which is a bit more affordable but still a beautiful piece of hardware.

Of course, Appleton Trophy never shies away from a challenge and will work tirelessly to help mold a custom award that meets all of your standards. Feel free to visit our fantasy football awards page to see if anything catches your eye. Happy drafting, folks!

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