Jun 12

5 Gift Ideas to Show Your Appreciation for Dad

While Mother’s get their day in May, Dad’s around the world get their day in the spotlight soon after in June. Although parents deserve the recognition day in and day out, we love to set aside a day for our parents to tell them how much we appreciate them. With Father’s day coming on the heels of summer every year, popular items like golf clubs, grills and fishing gear always seem to be the go-to’s. This year, venture outside the box and get something a little more personalized for Dad. At Appleton Trophy, we take a look at five gift ideas that are sure to show dad how much you love him. 

5 Gift Ideas mediaCustomized Drinkware
It is well known that Wisconsin is known for it’s…we’ll say impressive…ability to consume large amounts of fluids. That’s right, coffee and hot chocolate! Check out our assortment of drinkware ranging from coffee mugs and leatherbound flasks to glass mugs fit for a king (we can call him king for a day). Personalize the drinkware with messages and names engraved or printed right on the front!

Sports Ball Holders
Going with your dad to a sporting event is a great American tradition. Making those memories can never be replaced and live on in the experiences but also in the memorabilia. Bringing back a ball from a sporting event or anywhere else means the ball needs to have something to be displayed in. We offer different holders for baseballs, basketballs, footballs or any other sport of your choice. This will look great in a “man-cave” or shop for dad to always be proud of having.

Real Image Necklace
Jewelry might not have been your first idea when thinking about what to get dear old dad for Father’s Day, but hear us out first before you move on to the next option. This real image necklace can take a photo of you and put it onto a small medallion for your dad to wear around his neck wherever he may go. As much as your dad would love to have you around more often, having a small picture of you around his neck will suffice.

Custom Gun Stock Engraving
As the saying goes, “Boys and their guns.” Get the stock of your father’s gun engraved with his name or a personalized message that will make the firearm mean just a little bit more to him. Hunting in Wisconsin is tradition, so send dad out with a little something from you that he will see every time he’s looking to score that big buck!

Furnished Mirror
If your dad has his own workshop, tool shed or “man-cave,” do him a favor and add a must-have item to any bar/work/hangout setting – a furnished mirror. The furnishing comes in the form of a name or a personal message. This custom mirror is the perfect piece to your dad’s personal hangout setting.

If none of these options seem like the right fit for you, Appleton Trophy is open to any and all suggestions and we never turn down an idea. Bring in your idea and we will work with you to see what we can do to make your gift idea come true. Contact us today and check out some of the other things Appleton Trophy has to offer!

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