Apr 12

Awards Season is Here!

It’s that time of year again, the time of end of the school year awards, sports tournaments and company awards. With that comes a need for awards and trophies, and we have a lot to choose from! Regardless of what style of award or trophy you are looking for, chances are Appleton Trophy has them, and we can do all the engraving on site.


One of the unique categories of plaques we have are our bamboo plaques. These plaques are made of high-quality bamboo, and can be customized to display logos as well as text. We can even do a full color print on a bamboo plaque! You can choose one that either hangs on a wall or comes with its own stand. These are a great change of pace from your standard wood plaque.




We also offer a wide range of acrylic plaques. For an extra special occasion, we have an acrylic gold with burgundy plaque that measures 6.5 x 8.5 and includes an easel/hanger. This plaque will definitely stand out on the recipient’s wall!  For corporate awards, we have our corporate acrylic award that has a very modern and clean design, easily customized to include your businesses logo.



For those receiving a special certification, we have multiple certificate plaques. Choices include achievement certificate plaques, certification of participation plaques and WEMTA – A and B certification plaques. The WEMTA plaques are only available for WEMTA participants.



If you’re looking for trophies, we have a huge selection of in-stock trophies, as well as in-house made trophies and prestige trophies. For our trophies made in-house, there are multiple combinations of column and figure styles to create a truly unique and customized trophy. We can make these for nearly any sport or achievement.



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