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A Special Gift Made Extra Special by Appleton Trophy – A Testimonial

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At Appleton Trophy & Engraving, we do our very best to make each item special and unique for our customers. Personalized gifts add that extra little something that shows the gift giver put extra thought, time and energy into the gift. That’s why we love when a satisfied customer tells us a story like the one below, sent to us by Nathan R out of Appleton.

Wives have a magical power to always out-do us for gift giving. I try hard each year, but my wife always knows how to make a gift extra special.

Weeks before our anniversary, my lovely wife overheard me talk about a sleek watch I really wanted. I didn’t state anything about this being a gift, as we tend to be more sentimental for our anniversary gifts. According to her, this is how the story went…

She wanted to get me the watch. It’s a Citizen product with a metal backing. Before she ordered, she called Appleton Trophy & Engraving to see if they would be able to do an engraving on such a watch. The team at Appleton Trophy & Engraving were very supportive of the idea and encouraged her to bring in the watch and they would assess if it would be safe to engrave. If they couldn’t engrave it, they would be honest so she could return it if necessary. Long story short – they were able to engrave it! The shipment of the watch took longer than expected but the engraving team were able to get the work done in a timely manner.

So the day of the anniversary, I received a black box with the black watch inside with a little note:

“From when we first met, my heart beats for you.”

The engraving was the latitude and longitude of where we first met, 9 years ago.


Thank you to the team at Appleton Trophy & Engraving for making a great gift EXTRA special!

– Nathan R., Appleton, Wis

Thank YOU Nathan for this lovely testimonial, and to your wife for choosing Appleton Trophy to help with her special gift. This is exactly why we love what we do so much! Glad we could help make your already special occasion a bit more special. We love hearing stories like this, so if anyone has a story about how they made someone’s day with a personalized gift from Appleton Trophy, let us know!

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