Apr 29

5 Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Is Sure to Love

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It can be hard to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. You want to find the perfect gift that shows her just how much she is loved and appreciated. We have put together a list of great gifts from Appleton Trophy for mom so you know you will get her something she will love!

When choosing jewelry for your mom, think about her taste and daily activities. Pick out a piece that won’t get in the way of her normal activities, or choose something she can wear out for a special occasion and feel beautiful. There are so many choices from rings to necklaces to bracelets that you can pick the perfect piece!
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Engraved Cutting Board.
A cutting board is one piece in the kitchen that gets a lot of use. Make it extra special by engraving a handwritten note on it! Write something that will be special for your mom like a note telling her how much she is loved, a favorite poem, or a family recipe.
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Garden Stepping Stone.
Does your mom like to garden or does she enjoy decorative pieces for the landscaping? Brighten up her outdoor space with a stepping stone! Mother’s Day comes just in time for the warm summer weather that will get her outdoors and enjoying the scenery. For Mother’s Day you may want to write her a custom note telling her how much you love her, or find a quote that expresses how much she means to you to add to the stone.
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Engraved Wine Glasses.
Help your mom relax after a long stressful day with a glass of wine in a custom engraved wine glass. The stress is sure to be released when she sips from the glass you took time to create for her! You can choose a custom design, a favorite quote, or an image. With so many possibilities you can make it perfect for your mom!
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Engraved Spoon.
Many moms spend a great amount of time in the kitchen, and there are always a few specific utensils she reaches for on a regular basis. Add to that collection with a spoon with her name, a favorite saying, or a quote! Every time she reaches for it when preparing a meal she will remember how loved and appreciated she is.
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There are so many gifts to choose from, and this is just the start! Don’t forget to take a look at the Appleton Trophy and Engraving website for more great gift options.

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