Mar 19

Easter Gift Ideas from Appleton Trophy & Engraving

In just a couple weeks, it will be Easter Sunday. A day to celebrate the birth of Christ and possibly spend time with your family. If you have young ones you might plan on hiding Easter eggs around the house and giving them Easter baskets filled with delicious treats. While chocolate and candy is perfect for any age, here are some unique Easter gift ideas from Appleton Trophy!

Outdoor Stepping Stone


Our outdoor stepping-stones can be customized to your liking by adding an outdoor plate. For an Easter idea, consider a favorite passage from the Bible. To go that extra mile, try to find out what the recipient’s favorite passage is! These stepping-stones either can be put outside in a garden or yard, or displayed in the home. Wherever you choose to put them, these stepping-stones are a truly unique gift for Easter!

Baptism Block


Easter Sunday is an exceptionally popular day for baptisms. If you know someone being baptized on or around Easter this year, consider our Baptism Block. The all natural maple blocks are two inches square, and can be laser engraved with details of the baptism, including; Name of the person baptized, date and time of baptism, name of church, name of parents and name of godparents or sponsors. This is the perfect gift for a special occasion on a special day!

Flower Bird Bath

flower bird bath

For a truly unique Easter gift, we have our Flower Bird Baths. Of course, since this is Appleton Trophy, these birdbaths can be custom engraved. An idea for the engraving could be the name of the recipient, along with the date and a special message about Easter along the rim of the birdbath. Or, simply give the gift as it is!

Custom Full Print Tile

print tile

This gift is truly customizable. The only limit is your imagination! These tiles feature a full print image that you provide. For an Easter gift, you could go with a classic Christian image related to Easter Sunday.  If you want to go with something closer to the modern Easter imagery, consider favorite image with Easter eggs, flowers and bunnies. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to our Custom Full Print Tiles!

These are just four examples of Easter gifts that are a little out of the box. Make sure to check out the Appleton Trophy & Engraving website to see all the unique gifts available!


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