Sep 29

Unique Anniversary Gifts & Anniversary Gifts by Year


Are you looking for ideas for an anniversary gift?  Everyone knows that there is a traditional list but there also is modern list.  Traditionally you are supposed to give paper for someone’s first anniversary or tin for their tenth anniversary.  Well, here are some unique ideas for the perfect anniversary gift, but if you want to stick to traditional gifts and modern lists they are listed below.

For someone’s anniversary let’s just say five year anniversary you could get the happy couple a five year old engraved bottle of wine, wine glasses with five engraved on them, an engraved cheese tray, five year old cheese and a five dollar bill.

How about ten year anniversary, well you could copy the five above but substitute a ten instead of a five and add to it.  You could also add an engraved wine box, an engraved or printed candle, ten pieces of fruit, ten pieces of candy, and ten flowers.  This is completely doable for smaller anniversaries but 50 might be a little tricky trying to find 50 items.


                Traditional                           Modern

1st          Paper                                    Clocks, Watches

2nd        Cotton                                  China

3rd         Leather                                Crystal, Glass

4th         Fruit, Flowers                    Linen, Lace

5th         Wood                                    Leather

6th         Sugar                                     Wood

7th           Copper, Wool                   Table Set

8th         Bronze                                  Linen, Lace

9th         Pottery                                Willow  Leather

10th       Tin                                          Diamonds

11th       Steel                                      Fashion Jewelry

12th       Silk, Linen                            Pearls, Gems

13th       Lace                                       Fur, Fabrics

14th       Ivory                                      Gold Jewelry

15th       Crystal                                  Watches

20th       China                                     Platinum

25th         Silver                                    Silver Jewelry

3oth       Pearl                                      Diamond

35th       Coral                                      Jade

40th       Ruby                                     Ruby

45th         Sapphire                             Sapphire

50th       Gold                                      Gold

55th         Emerald                              Turquoise

60th       Diamond                             Gold

70th         Platinum                            Iron


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