Jul 31

A Brief History of Trophies

Trophies – they’re a part of our culture.  Everything from sports games to acting performances, writing prowess, and everything in between seems to have a trophy associated with it.  Actors strive to get an Oscar or an Emmy on their shelves, singers seek a coveted Grammy, soccer players dream about the FIFA world cup, and football superstars (particularly the Packers!) [read more…]

Jul 15

Top 3 Reasons You Want to Customize!

We talk about it a lot – because it’s what we do – but custom creations really do stand the test of time and stick with a person forever.  Here are three short humorous reasons why custom creations might be just what you’re looking for. #3 – That coworker who always steals your mug It never fails.  You start a [read more…]

Jun 20

America the Beautiful

The warm months between May and September tend to bring out the pride in our country more than any other time throughout the year.  Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Flag Day do a good job of targeting our minds on the men and women who have given their all to preserve our freedoms, but Independence Day always takes the cake. [read more…]

May 30

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

Take me out to the ball game – take me out to the crowd! Did we get a song stuck in your head?  Good, because it’s been stuck in our head for months now, too.  It’s the golden time of year for sports in our area, and we couldn’t be having more fun.  It seems like every time you drive [read more…]

May 11

Graduation Photos & Diplomas Last Longer With Custom Framing

Graduation is a life-changing moment.  It marks the culmination of an extraordinary experience in our lives and allows us to celebrate and reflect on what we’ve learned.  Education is the single most valuable investment that any member of society can take upon themselves to climb the socio-economic ladder. Over the next six weeks, students of all ages will be graduating [read more…]

Feb 23

The Ultimate Guide to Unique, Personalized Baby Gift-Giving

In today’s world of online shopping, convenience, and next day delivery, it sometimes seems as though thoughtful gift giving and keepsakes are a lost art, or a thing of the past. But for Appleton Trophy, it’s very much in the present. The quality of our products, paired with the thoughtful touch of personalization makes for a gift that is to [read more…]

Feb 05

Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Special Someone

Each year it seems there is a special feeling in the air come the first day of February. For some, it could be the promise that the colder weather may soon come to a close, or a looming spring break trip just weeks away. But for many, it’s the warmness of the upcoming holiday: Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day has been [read more…]

Jan 29

Customizing Your Super Bowl Party or Tailgate

Whether it is your favorite team or a rival team that will be rushing toward the end zone this upcoming Sunday, chances are you’ll be tuning in to see who wins the title. Maybe you’ll be traveling to watch the game with friends and family, or hosting a Super Bowl LII party yourself! If you’re the host, you more than [read more…]

Jan 11

Make Award Season Personal With Appleton Trophy

Award season is here! Companies, sports teams, and schools are celebrating achievements of all kinds. Let’s just say, awards are prevalent this time of the year. Have you considered checking out the award selection at Appleton Trophy? We have a vast collection of high-quality awards and trophies that are affordable and personal. Customize each of our selections with on-site engraving! [read more…]

Dec 11

Happy Holidays From Appleton Trophy!

The holiday season is upon us! Are you still looking for gift ideas? If so, it’s time to check out Appleton Trophy. We offer a wide variety of beautiful items that are the perfect gifts for family, friends, and coworkers. The best part is that we can make our items more personal with custom engraving! Are you interested now? Check [read more…]