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Jun 12

5 Gift Ideas to Show Your Appreciation for Dad

While Mother’s get their day in May, Dad’s around the world get their day in the spotlight soon after in June. Although parents deserve the recognition day in and day out, we love to set aside a day for our parents to tell them how much we appreciate them. With Father’s day coming on the heels of summer every year, [read more…]

Sep 29

Unique Anniversary Gifts & Anniversary Gifts by Year

Are you looking for ideas for an anniversary gift?  Everyone knows that there is a traditional list but there also is modern list.  Traditionally you are supposed to give paper for someone’s first anniversary or tin for their tenth anniversary.  Well, here are some unique ideas for the perfect anniversary gift, but if you want to stick to traditional gifts [read more…]

May 08

Custom-Made Jewelry

We can use your old worn out jewelry to make brand new pieces. We offer a free lifetime polishing, cleaning and checking with all purchases. You can feel safe because your jewelry will never leave our store; all repairs and designs are done in house. For custom made pieces we start with a hand carved waxed ring model design. The [read more…]